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Carrin’s Deeply Integrative Massage:

This treatment is an interconnected therapeutic massage, combining a collection of techniques and pressure that caters to everybody individually. Techniques used in this treatment may include Swedish, Hot Stone, and Deep Tissue and Trigger Point therapies. This massage incorporates a variety of techniques to unlock tight muscles; reducing pain and increasing range of motion. Perfect for athletes and those looking for lasting relief. Aromatherapy essential oils make this treatment a step above the rest!


30 Minutes – $50.00
60 Minutes – $85.00
90 Minutes – $120.00
120 Minutes – $160.00

Carrin’s Swedish Relaxation Massage:


This massage defines relaxation! The use of rhythmic even strokes improve circulation, reduce muscular tension and promote relaxation. Perfect for stress relief and fatigued muscles.



30 Minutes – $40.00
60 Minutes – $75.00
90 Minutes – $110.00
120 Minutes – $150.00

Carrin’s Hot Stone Massage:

This treatment incorporates pure basalt stones heated to the client’s individual preference and paired with deeply integrative massage techniques, essential oils, and hot towels.
Hot stones enhances the benefits of massage therapy by allowing the therapist to access deeper muscle layers, increasing circulation, reducing chronic pain and promoting relaxation.


60 Minutes – $95.00
90 Minutes – $130.00
120 Minutes – $175.00

Mango Butter Massage:

This Spring-Inspired massage treatment incorporates Hydrating Mango Butter with our popular 60 Minute Swedish Massage, a Hot Stone Foot Massage and a Green Tea Sugar Scrub on the back. (Deeply Integretive massage may be substituted for $10 more).

60 Minutes – $80.00

Warm Healing Himalayan Massage:

This massage utilizes natural Himalayan salt stones, heated to the client’s personal preference. Negative salt ions released by heating can increase circulation, improved sleep and mood, and calm allergy symptoms. Essential oils, warm towels and deeply integrative (or Swedish) massage techniques can be used to compliment this unique treatment.


30 min – $55.00
60 min – $95.00
90 min – $130.00
120 min – $175.00

Sinus & Headache Relief Massage:

This treatment targets clients who suffer from headaches, migraines, allergies and cold symptoms. Pressure points on the face, neck, head, scalp and back are massaged to relieve pressure, reduce congestion and get you back to feeling your best! A ‘Headache Relief’ essential oil blend and warm stones are used on the face to make this treatment truly therapeutic.


30 mins – $50.00
60 mins – $85.00